Peaceful Dryad

I just finished this dryad a few hours ago. She is polymer clay, 100% hand sculpted, with little glass gems in her hair. I’m planning to leave her by some water (so she’ll be at home), somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, as part of Wyldling Studio’s first cache drop on July first. That means finders keepers, and unless someone reports back to the Facebook page with a photo showing they’ve given her a new home, her fate will remain a mystery to the rest of us! But that’s part of the fun.

Even if she disappears mysteriously, her design will live on. I’ll be releasing a tutorial and making a base face mold available for purchase in the near future, so you can create one of your own.

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Mud Troll


This guy is the largest sculpture I’ve made to date: 12 by 12 by 12, as a special order to be placed under a backyard bridge. Thanks to making him, I am looking at expanding into concrete and ceramics, which are much more sensible for larger sculptures. His hair is made of sisal twine, and he’s covered in moss, mushrooms, flowers, and even a snail. I’d be okay with this troll living under my bridge!

All my Rockin’ Peeps

These guys make me so happy. I could make piles more. And now I’ve got lots of new ideas for other ways to use the design! Look for Rockin’ vases coming up, and if I can find a food safe clay to use at home, I’d love to try mugs and platters.

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Deviant Art for more updates and step-by-step photos!

Moon Mother

I usually don’t make pink anything! But I thought I’d try something new. So I came up with the Moon Mother goddess bottle. She’s got a little baby cuddled up in miles of pink hair, and is much more delicate than my usual earthy creations. I like her! She’s different, but I like her. I’ll be letting go of her in just a few days on July first, when I leave her out for someone lucky to find. Follow her story on my Facebook page!

Man in Flower

I’ve been inspired by the pictures of men with big ol’ flower-crowned beards! You know, these guys:

From Brostrick


beard tattoo
They’re even tattoos! This one’s by David Boterhoek



I thought of them, and I absolutely had to create a blossom-decked bearded man for Wyldling Studio.

I’m afraid this is not going to end here. I’m already drawing up plans for a series. Next up: one in pink, with a huge grin and flowers EVERYWHERE. I’m going to name him Silkbeard the Perfumed.

In the Bay Area, and interested in making Man in Flower your own? I’ll be hiding him in plain sight on July first. Just follow my Facebook group for details, and make sure to post a picture of his new home once you find him!

This dude rocks.

Watch where you step!

I’ll be releasing tutorials for rock people soon. And yes, I’ll be giving this little guy away in my first cache drop July 1st. Check out my Facebook page for details!


“Look Inside” mirror

I’m excited about creating a tutorial for this one. The face is a mold I purchased, but I’m going to try some other versions with my own sculpts as well. I’m set to give this piece away during my first Cache Drop in a few weeks. I hide fantastical art in plain site, all throughout my home in the Bay Are and wherever life takes me. Maybe your town next? Follow me on Facebook to get photos and clues for Cache Drops, and share photos if you find one!

Goddess Bottle

This bottle is about 4 inches long, and with those peaceful little moon faces, I thought that Goddess Bottle was the perfect name. It’s made of polymer clay over glass, antiqued with acrylic paint, with frosted purple glass gems. I’ll be making many more, with tutorials coming soon! And this one is set to go out in the Bay Area on July 1st for Wyldling Studio’s first Cache Drop. You can get pictures and clues on my Facebook page, and if you pick up a treasure, let us know by posting a photo. I love sending my creations out into the unknown, but I’d also love hearing that they’ve found a good home!

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